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A nearby Painting Service at last!

Looks like the piles of unfinished/unmade toy soldiers in my bodega may have hope of seeing a game table soon. I'm one of those who've managed to buy more than I can paint, and the the sets still keep piling up. Having a painting service nearby ( actually, its in a nearby island) can hopefully help me get these toys ready for gaming and display. Amplify’d from MMPS will provide wargamers with good quality painted figures and scratchbuilding
services at very competitive rates. We want to provide our customers with the kind of service that we want to receive
ourselves when we are customers somewhere. Good quality work, an affordable, fast
and reliable service and honest and straightforward communications. We want nothing less than your total satisfaction when you buy from us and we will
work hard to get it. I am Fons, also known as 'Fonzie' of Fonzie's Scratchbuilding Service to some of
you. I am a wargamer, painter, scratch-builder and colle…

Summer's Griffins Take Flight