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Elven Archers

A bunch of old GW elven bowmen get a slapdash splash of paint. I'm working on two HotT armies at the same time -- the Aquilonians and some generic elven HotT army. Hopefully, I can finish them mid-June.

More Trooper Colors

Still mucking about with colors for the old VOID Prosthene Marines.This time, three straight no-nonsense base colors (based on all things -- Mega Bloks Halo toys) and one urban camo greys based on the Philippine Presidential Security Group unit camouflage.

Baruk Khazad!

Tolkienesque Dwarves for Hordes of the Things. I've added some elements that are more D&D such as the crossbow Shooters and the Goliath Behemoth but I can still easily morph these as more of a Tolkien-flavored Dwarf army, such as the Dwarves from the Iron Hills with Thorin and company as 2 elements of heroes...

Anyway, these will be painted soon so more adjustments too.

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