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More 1:72 modern figures

Here are more figures, this time from Caesar Miniatures. These are Special Forces outfitted in a variety of kits.

Caesar does very nice sculpting and posing although their rifles need some more work in terms of detailing and accuracy. Overall, a nice set that could help out in my Philippine Army project.

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1:72 Troops for my Philippine army project

I'm working on getting figs suitable to build a small Philippine Army force for Fubar or Force on Force and have settled to using 1:72 models since I have a lot of kits I'd like to build and use. Based on pictures on the net, most of the Philippine Army soldiers carry a variety of US kit, sometimes dating to the Vietnam war and upto the more recent equipment changes.

Here are a few figures I'm considering from Italeri's reissue of ESCI's US Special Forces in Vietnam.

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An Army from the Green

Here're the troops I'm working on for a Sog of Blades and Heroes game. I'm a fan of the comicbook Swamp Thing and the current storyline of the Green (plant life) fighting the Rot (death and decay) caught my fancy. These figures are part of a Mageknight lot I got dirt cheap from former players of the game who gave the system up after the maker, Wizkids, went bellyup.

They've been repainted and rebased with flocking follow. More on these, as well as SoBH stats soon.

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1:32 Haul at a Local Toy Convention

Got lucky and scored this lot for a sog and a dance :) Oh, happy day!

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