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Riders of Rohan: Horses Primed

After assembling the horses, I primed them all with a primer grey. Then I divided them into 3 groups. One set was spray painted with red brown. These would be painted as duns, light bays, chestnuts and maybe some piebalds.


Another set was spray-painted black. These would be painted as blacks and dark bays.

Finally, the last set was spray painted with a lighter grey. They'll be painted as greys and a few roans.

As an illustrator for my day job, I managed to amass quite a bit of horse reference material and painting model horses accurately has become quite an obsession with me. Here are some older model horses I've painted. I hope my Rohan horses end up much better.

Here's the wiki entry on Equine Color.


  1. It looks very good!
    I like paint horses, and in fact, paint them accurately is a good thing, but, I saw real horses and on pictures: there's a lot of variety in their colours, so I feel free with "how I paint horses"!
    For Rohan horses: except possible Tolkien's books descriptions, I think that you're are totally free becasue they are imaginary horses...

  2. I agree. This would be a perfect exercise to experiment and practice.


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