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A Leibster Blog Award for Christmas:)

An early Christmas gift from Nick Grant of 20mm Gamer! Many thanks!

Nick's awarded Men in Boxes a Liebster Blog Award and the rules of the award needs me to nominate 5 other blogs too and let the blog owners know by leaving a comment. They then have to "pay it forward" and award their own 5 each too. What a wonderful way to promote our hobby blogs!

Choosing only 5 from the many blogs I read is tough, but here goes (in no particular order):

1/72 Multiverse: A 1/72 centric review of what's out there

MiniatureZone : Found this in 2000 and is still a favorite

Plastic Warriors: scale modelling and wargaming in braille scale

Paul's Bods: Leveled up playing around with 20mm plastic men

Tim's Miniature Wargaming: Fun read everytime

Cheers everyone and game on!


  1. Well it is against the rules but I do like your site and like most of the blogs I've been reading, your site is already nominated. So have another! Link to my blog.




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