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My Magic Wash: Painting Greek Warriors WIP 2

After base painting the 1/72 Zvezda greek warriors, I whipped out my reference materials and the ingredients for my magic wash -- my illustration acrylic inks from Magic Color and Pledge Wipe & Shine Floor Polish aka Future Floor Polish!

My favorite shades from Magic Color are Golden Sand and Earth Brown. I'm an illustrator and I've always liked experimenting with my art materials on scale models and figures. I've discovered that these acrylic inks, combined with the Pledge Wipe & Shine make excellent scale model washes due to their viscosity, ease of application, mixability, vibrance and flexibility. Flexibility is very imortant, especially for these soft plastic figures. Modellers have complained about having paint chipping off from finished figures. This is because of the plastic's pliability, making the inflexible paint detach from surfaces that "move." By having the innate flexilbity of acrylics and combined with the covering properties of the Pledge product wrapped around the soft figure and acting as a skin, the colors painted on "moves" with the plastic, hence preventing chipping.

One thing I forgot though was to use a different colored ink for the blue base-painted items. Brown washes on blue looks... er... dirty.

After the washes dry, I'm going over each figure again with more acrylic paint, this time more cleanly and with more attention to detail. More soon!


  1. Pops to Tesco to buy Pledge floor polish...

  2. Very nice work

    I am french, so sorry for my english
    I am also trying experiments on miniatures with "un official" products

    For the moment I enjoy using "Indian Ink" in "Acrylic Liant" in order to ink my miniatures

    Works are visible on my blog, yours, great job

  3. A very good result! I paint my miniatures in a similar way - I only use the well known army painter dip. Works fine!

  4. i also use indian ink. would like to try the army painter too.


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