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Ursan Cataphracts: Roman Armored Bear cavalry

The year is 37 BCE. The greatest armies of antiquity battle to control a magically altered world with an intriguing and mysterious alternative history. Legions of men and monsters, warriors and sorcerers, and undead and Gods fight a war like none seen before.

Young Octavian, now Emperor Augustus of Rome, and his sorceress mother Atia have combined arcane power with Slavic steam power to make the Roman legionaries more deadly than ever. Mark Anthony and Cleopatra's son Caesarian are the only threats to Octavian's claim to the throne of Rome; he must destroy them and bring Egypt under Roman rule.

So far, these are my favorite figures from Arcane Legion. In a boxed set with 14 figures, only the 4 bear riders in one pose is of any interest to me. The rest of the figures suffer from poor sculpting, research and terrible mold engineering. A pity though that I had to take points off for the sloppy sculpt job on the bear's front paw. I'll be painting these soon.


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