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The Adventurers

The dungeon is indeed growing and the adventurers are at the threshold of the labyrinth!

I've decided to use Song of Blades and Heroes for this dungeon crawl with rules for treasure hunts and a magical item quest. As the dungeon takes shape, here are the first group of stout-hearted adventurers:

Adaun Silentdraw
Wood Elf Archer
Points 50 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special rules Shooter (Long), Forester

Fram Flamhammer
Dwarf Warrior
Points 34 Quality 3+ Combat 4
Special rules Short Move

Alistrae Twoblades
Human, Thief
Points 26 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Special rules Stealth

Half-elf Wizard
Points 70 Quality 2+ Combat 2
Special rules Magic-user, Forester

Hannu the northerner
Human Barbarian Warrior
Points 36 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special rules Fearless


  1. More please! Looking forward to their adventure. :)

  2. Excellent choice of sculpts and rules. Song of Blades and Heroes is a great system. If you are in Facebook, look Andrea up. He is an awesome guy.

    Game on!


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