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1st Quarter Plans

It is almost mid-February and I haven't had the chance to game nor make models. I've finished fixing my bodega where I store most of the unbuilt models as well as most of my undisplayed toy collection which includes toy soldiers, action figures, diecast cars, etc. I have a few more plastic crates in the garage that I'll have to sort through and find space for, maybe this weekend. My workbench has been tidied up and the equipment properly categorized and stashed. Yes, I organize my paint bottles by brand and by letter. As well as the brushes. Yes, I find that strangely comforting.

So, in an effort to refocus my attention to the hobby and hopefully get more things done, I'm writing down a list of wargame and scale modelling projects I'm hoping to finish by April. No grand, sweeping plans here. Just small, short-term goals. I usually fall into the trap of starting out with really over-the-top plans and then run out of steam midway. The inevitable result of such folly are plastic bins of unfinished kits, half-painted figures, lost parts, a cluttered gaming table and a messy workbench.

Maybe by concentrating on smaller projects over a shorter amount of time, I can have more models and gaming done.

On the modelling and painting front:

  • 1:72 Later Crusader (50% of the figures, mostly foot, are done. Just need to finish the knights and base them for DBx)
  • 1:72 D.A.K. armor (Panzer III's are done, painted and weathered, just need decals and stowage)
  • 1:72 D.A.K. infantry 
  • 1:72 Mythical/Historical Greek
  • 1:72 T-34/76 (model finished; waiting for priming and painting; an out of the Russian green and can't seem to find more)
  • 1:72 Sherman Firefly (weathering/detailing in progress)
  • 1:72 King Tiger (model finished; waiting for priming and painting)
  • 1:72 Humber Scout Car (weathering/detailing in progress)
  • 28mm Haradrim warriors (primed and ready for painting)
  • 28mm Barbarians and War Mammoth ((primed and ready for painting)
  • 1:35 SU-122 (waiting for priming and painting; ran out of the Russian green and can't seem to find more)
  • 1:35 Jagdtiger (Painting done; ready for weathering)
  • 1:35 Delta Force (weathering/detailing in progress)

  • Trees (Jungle set for flocking; Woodlands finished)
  • Obstacles, Rough going
  • desert village (weathering/detailing in progress)
For wargaming:
  • 20mm & 28mm HotT
  • 28mm Fubar sci-fi skirmish
  • 28mm Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish



  1. I get trapped in that same megalomaniac, too long-reaching plans too. The problem is I have pulled them off in the past, so I have this feeling that I can totally do it... but the last couple times sort of burned out part way through...

    The most recent BIG PROJECT I pulled off (a Dark Ages DBA campaign) was by doing one or two new armies... then doing other stuff for a couple months... Then when I had a hankering to play DBA again I painted another one... then got interested in other stuff for a while... It took YEARS that way, but eventually it got done.

    My you have a lot of unbuilt models!?

  2. i really do have to focus if i want to finish these models.


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