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20mm Centaurs WIP

My centaurs are almost done! Slapped on some base painting and some wash/shading yesterday. More detailing and retouching needed, hopefully all done by tonight.

The figures are from Well's Expeditions' defunct Arcane Legions game. Scale at 1:72, the game featured 20mm fantasy figures inspired by Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Asian myths and history.
I think it was the collectible miniatures aspect/format that eventually caused the game's demise.

Among the figure packs I bought ( army boxes as well as faction boosters) were centaurs which I immediately drafted for Hordes of the Things. The sculpts range from mediocre to bad though, with very little attention given to musculature and facial detail. Heck, the spear centaur loks like a helmeted gorilla! The figs came in big boxes full of other stuff meant for the game. IMHO, they should have just released the rules as a book with the faction specific unit rules as paper/card accessories and the miniatures much like 1:72 toy soldier sets.

That said then, I still got a lot of packs since I'm a 1:72 plastics aficianado and before these products hit the shelves, there was very little in the way of fantasy in 1:72.

The figures were primed first with PVC glue, then a light coaat of grey automotive primer. Painting the main colors proceeded with a variety of Vallejo and Liquitex acrylics. The base flesh color is my new favorite -- Acrylicos Vallejo's Dark Flesh No. 70927.

I'm mounting these fellas as Riders for HotT. Come to think of it, two of these can make up one Basic Impetus stand... Hmmmmmm...

Regular units came in only two poses. TWO! Sheesh... but then again, beggars can't be choosers...

The centaur on the left is a conversion, with the top half coming from an unlucky Zvezda Greek. Washes used are Magic Color drawing inks Earth Brown and Golden Sand.

More painting tonight, especially on the horsey bits.


  1. Interesting--I've never run across these figures, but they look good!

  2. I'm also currently working with these figures. I agree that the sculpting in Arcane Legions is a little chunky, but I love the poses and variety of figure types. I didn't like the Greek helmets, so I swapped them with some Italeri barbarian heads.

    More here, along with more than you thought you wanted to know about Arcane Legions boosters and fantasy gaming.

  3. Thanks, I hope to get their bases flocked soon. Thanks for the link!


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