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Army Building: Generic Fantasy Dwarves

My work in progress dwarves. I included a unit of crossbows since these are for my more Generic Fantasy Dwarves than Tolkien's.

1/72 Saracen Riders

Italeri's 1/72 Saracens. I enjoyed painting these, especially the horses. This is the next set of matched pairs armies I'll be building -- The armies of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, more popularly known as Saladin , and the crusading knights of Richard III. they'll be based for Warmaster Ancients. The horses are all painted to depict different greys. Grey is a coat color of horses characterized by progressive silvering of the colored hairs of the coat. Most gray horses have black skin and dark eyes. Gray horses may be born any base color, depending on other color genes present. White hairs begin to appear at or shortly after birth and become progressively lighter as the horse ages. The color is most commonly seen in breeds descended from Arabian ancestors. Many of us unfamiliar with horses call gray horses "white." However, a gray horse whose hair coat is completely "white" will still have black skin except under markings that were white at birth and dark eye

Federation Troops: More Sci Fi Troopers

A set of smallish 25mm Troopers from an unknown maker. I had asked help in identifying these from TMP and there were a lot of helpful responses. In fact, I remember one post that had a link to the actual toy brand these figures came out with. But for the life of me, I couldn't find the thread again so I'm in the dark -- again. I picked them up at a toy shop specializing in 2nd hand anime figures. They're the regular troopers for my sci fi army together with the more elite Void figures featured previously. Regarding that post too, someone asked which skirmish rules we use for sci fi. I'll be posting stats of the Ad&D Battlesystem 2nd Ed houserules we made for scifi settings soon. Any info you may have regarding the brand of these figures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Repainted & Rebased: Sci Fi Troopers

I-Kore Prosthene Marines from their Void line. I've made some conversions and shot them with card model buildings. Seen in one of the pictures is a retextured Gnat VTOL, a card model from Reverisco's John McEwan.

Update: The Army of Carthage 2

The boxes due for my undivided attention. I've cracked open two boxes of each of the Spanish, Numidian and Italian allies and just one box of the Celtic cavalry. A box of the Italian Allies have already been painted as can be seen here as well as a box of the Numidian Horse here and here . The rest have been cleaned, based and primed -- check them out here . The elephants had to be redone because my dog managed to reach the table where I was spray painting the figures. I just stepped in the house to refill my glass of iced tea and came out to a scene of utter carnage! Ben Tumbling, a gold askal took advanatage of the fact that I wasn't looking and chewed on 4 whole sprues of figures. Now, I have to look for suitable conversion for the elephant handlers. I'm planning to make half with howdahs and the rest with just riders. (War Elephants Box art taken from PSR)

Update: The Army of Carthage

The painted and varnished infantry and cavalry units of my Carthaginian army for Warmaster. Basing will be done soon. Click on the pictures above for bigger versions.