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Savage Tribesmen

Caveman barbarians with bears and mammoth. WIP army. Savage Warrior Points:46 Quality:3+ Combat:4 Savage Savage Scouts Points:54 Quality:3+ Combat:4 Savage, Shooter: Medium War Mammoth - Personality Points:80 Quality:3+ Combat:2 Animal, Free Disengage, Gargantuan, Heavy Armor, Tailslap, Tough Were Bear - Personality Points:59 Quality:4+ Combat:3 Big, Savage, Tailslap, Tough, Were Special Rules: Animal - SBH; Big - SBH; Free Disengage - SBH; Gargantuan - SBH; Heavy Armor - SBH; Savage - SBH; Shooter: Medium - SBH; Tailslap - SBH; Tough - SBH; Were - SGD; Rulebooks: User - User Created; SBH - Song of Blades & Heroes; SGD - Song of Gold & Darkness; SWW - Song of Wind & Water; SAM - Song of Arthur & Merlin; SDG - Song of Deeds & Glory; SSL - Song of the Splintered Lands; SHF - Song of Hammer & Forge;

Brak the Gardener

Figures from my army of the Green. An assortment of models from Mageknight, D&D and Gormiti. Brak really shouldn't have stepped on that flower... posted from Bloggeroid

Gormiti Huorns WIP

Gormiti figures converted into Huorns. Painting and basing soon. posted from Bloggeroid

The Dungeon Project: Drow Warband

Deep below the earth, in the treacherous black of the Underdark, the dark elves known as the Drow flourish. Here's a warband led by a priestess and made up of her guard, drow assassins and giant spiders. posted from Bloggeroid

The Dungeon Project: Testing Out Tiles

Just testing out a few tile samples. I haven't decided if I should invest in ready-made tiles or just jump in and illustrate some on my own. Poor elf's gonna get clobbered. Or is he. posted from Bloggeroid

A Quick Peek at the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Meal Miniatures: Heroes

More figures for the dungeon project.

Elven Rangers

These old GW Elven unarmored archers (originally the plastic Wood Elves) will be my Sindarin rangers for the HotT army. posted from Bloggeroid

Elves on the Workbench

Fast painting Elven elements for a Hordes of the Things army using old GW and Mageknight models. Messily base-painted, but good enough for now :) Currently, the army has the ff elements: 2 x Blades; 2 x Shooters; 1 x Magician (general) posted from Bloggeroid

Horse Play

Almost there... posted from Bloggeroid

Painting Horses

Starting work on some fantasy armored horses in 54mm posted from Bloggeroid

The Dungeon Project

A new project for 2014 - a modular dungeon campaign! With too many figures that don't fit in armies, I've decided to try building a small modular dungeon gaming board for dungeon skirmishing. Here are a few of the figures I'm setting aside for this project. posted from Bloggeroid