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Darned Orcs!

Yup, the HOTT/DBA bug has finally hit me hard. Now I'm reading up on AAR's of conventions and competitions using these rules mainly to understand the mechanics of the rules as well as to ogle at all the miniature eye candy out there. I've sorted out some of my plastic orcs from the pile I'm using for 1/72 Warmaster and reallocating them to either a HOTT or DBA army. The DBA list comes from David Kuijt's War of the Rings Lists over at Fanaticus: DBA Misty Mountain Goblins represents the various goblin and orc forces in the Misty Mountains or in the North of Tolkien's Middle Earth  1x3Bd or 3/4Wb(Gen) 2x5Wb 3x5Wb or 2Wa 1x5Wb or 4Tr or 3Bw or 2Ps 5x2Ps   And my HotT list is inspired by Luke Ueda-Sarson's Middle Earth lists : HotT Orcs & Goblins   1 x Blade general - with bodyguard of large goblins with axes 3 x Riders - goblins on wolves 3 x Beasts - giant wolves 10 x Hordes - Goblin warriors I'm using these lists as reference and ins


The bad weather finally got me. I've been fighting a bad cold for over a week and I seem to be losing. My head hurts and cant seem to focus because of blocked sinuses. And a really runny, leaking and obnoxiously red nose. Time to hit the bed...

Jumping into DBA

After much mulling about, I've decided to give De Bellis Antiquitatis or DBA a try. I've been reading up on Hordes of the Things and while planning my orc army, I discovered that I could make a DBA Polybian Roman army from leftovers I had after making a 2000 pt Warmaster Ancients Republican Roman army. Don't get me wrong though, I'm a big fan of the warmaster rules and will still be making armies and gaming with them using those rules. But planning and making a warmaster army for 1/72 figures can be a bit tiring, especially since I game mostly in the field of 1500 to 2500 points -- and usually work on matched pairs of armies. My warmaster armies are made up of 40mm x 20mm bases, with 3 bases making a unit and 6 foot figures for each unit. Mounted units have 3 figures per unit. For a Republican Roman army, each 3 stand unit would cost 55 points and a minimum of ten units are needed for each 1000 point army. Doing the math, I would need 120 foot figures just to make 11