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Game Envy and some painted LOTR

I haven't been able to indulge in the hobby since I got sick this January. A pile of unpainted models and unfinished project litter my two table workbench. Even the gaming table is gathering dust in the garage with boxes of scale & wargame models received this Christmas as well as from orders made the previous year slowly pile up.   I managed to finish some more stands for my HotT army but that's it. Painting total's on an all-time low. The missus noticed it and took me on a trip to the gaming store after my ckeckup at the hospital. I saw this game of warhammer 40K being played and took some pictures of the models. Some of the models are WIP customs. One of the WIP customs looks kinda like an alien pornstar but the modeler assured the other guys that he'll be refining the model soon. The second WIP was inspired by Kerrigan from the PC game Starcraft. I wasn't able to take more pictures but the Tau army looked spiffy and I liked the modelling work on their sh