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DBA Polybian Romans

Here's another 1/72 project nearing completion. Aside from my warmaster Polybians, I've decided to build another army for DBA use. The figures are from HäT Industrie and were painted in around 3 evenings. A few  more stands are needed to fill in the army though. Here's what my maniple looks like. The hastati and the principes are mixed in the first stand while the last stand represents a mix of the principes again and of the triari. DBA's basing and stand number prevents me from modelling a three-line maniple although this formation seems good enough. For the next two hundred years (until the Marian reforms of 107 BC) the Roman army was organized into three lines: the hastati, the principes, and the triarii. These were divided by experience and fighting ability, with the youngest soldiers in the hastati making the first engagement. Where resistance was strong this rank would dissolve back through the Roman line and allow the more experienced soldiers in the pri