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Orcs! Orcs! Orcs, everywhere!

A tableful of 1/72 orcs I'm working on. These are orc models from Caesar Miniatures, Orion Models as well as Hat Industries Sea Peoples drafted for this army. I'm raising me a horde or two! I prefer Orion Models' orcs over Caesar's but the difference in design means I could develop different themed armies of orcs. The Hat Industries figures were from the biblical Sea Peoples box set but their ugliness make them perfect orc models too. Here's an older post I wrote about these models . As an aside, I can't seem to find any of the Caesar Miniatures fantasy line sets for sale. Does this mean that Caesar's pulled the plug on these figures?

Another 1/72 Walker Mech

Here's the smaller that came in the box. The sprue for this model is terrible! Flash all over! If it wasn't for the fact that I was curious to see what the model would look like, I would've just thrown it away. Anyway, here's a "scout" mech from Nexus. Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.6

1/72 Sci Fi Walkers

I found the time to assemble the 1/72 walker models from Nexus. Crappy molding and the plastic is too soft. Nice little models though. Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.6