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Gulf War US Infantry

I got lucky and got a few packs of these dollar store figures for around P50 each, which is pretty close to a US dollar. The figures are cast in a tan, hard plastic much like Tamiya 1:35 model kits, have a black wash and come with separate stands. These are the poses I've come across so far. The figures come in desert kit but nary a kneepad in sight. I can't identify the chest rigs but these could be from the First Gulf War. Anyway, they're the foundation for some 1:32 modern skirmish gaming.

Up next: 1/72 Elves

Caesar Miniatures 1/72 Elves. Cueing up an Elf army for HotT.

Anubites 2

The finished Anubites for my HotT Egyptian Undead army.


More repurposed figures from Arcane Legions. These are jackal headed warriors, bigger than the undead infantry. In the pc game Age of Mythology, they are called Anubites, after the Egyptian god Anubis and are associated with mummification and the afterlife. I'm basing them for Hordes of the Things, maybe as heroes. WIP base painting.

More Egyptian Undead

I've started texturing their bases too with Acrylicos Vallejo's Sand Texture Acrylic. You can find out more about this product here . Very nice modelling paste.

Undead Egyptians WIP

Undead infantry from Arcane Legions