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Merry Christmas! And FUBAR to you too!

A very merry Christmas to everyone! May your family's Christmas be peaceful and joyous. And although my Christmas schedule has been oh so toxic of late, I've managed to cram in a few short games of FUBAR. We werent able to take pics of the whole battles but here are a few pix we'd like to share:) First up are the Terran Marines: And here are the Nova Romans: More to come!

FUBAR Unit Cards: Harrakian Leader and Rogues Hunting Pack

The figures are from Heroscape and we use them as Not-Predators. The Harrakians are basically not heavily armored, favoring camouflage rather than armor. This is shown by the Active Chameleon tech that basically allows them to always be treated as having moderate cover. The roll needed to hit the Harrakian is modified by +2, which is quite difficult.  I guess that's a pretty fair trade for having minimal armor. Plus, they have a devastating 4 volleys of 5 FP per figure that can target units as per the guided munitions rules from FUBAR's sci fi supplement. Let me know if you use the stats and how they work out for your game. A 4 man squad of these guys decimated 4 squads of troopers in a recent game!

FUBAR Unit Cards: Biomech Warriors and Cyclops Heavy Drones

Here are two more unit cards I designed for use with FUBAR, a neat set of skirmish rules for modern and sci-fi firefights. Check out the rules here and try out the stats I've drawn up using the supplements. Enjoy! Aliens coming soon!

FUBAR Unit Cards: Human Armored Troopers

Here are two unit cards I designed for use with FUBAR, a neat set of skirmish rules for modern and sci-fi firefights. You can check out the rules here and try out the stats I've drawn up using the supplements. Our first few games were fast and furious and FUN! Let me know what you think. The Biomechs are next! Enjoy!

Battle Report: Contact!

I finally got a chance to try out FUBAR and its Generic Sci Fi supplement. The one page skirmish rules play fast enough with very little in terms of record keeping, which virtually amounted to nothing -- not if you count the drafting of the unit stats as record-keeping. Firefights were fast and deadly, so was close combat but I'm not so hot about how some modifiers were used. Some called for raising a unit's stats by 1 or 2 while others add modifiers to the dice roll. Admittedly, familiarity with the rules will soon render my rant and confusion moot but nevertheless, that was one of the things that kinda slowed down things at one point. Overall all though, it was quite fun. I see using this ruleset more often. So here's a short battle report, enjoy! As usual, the pix are clickable.  A squad of armored troopers are sent to Station Zebra, a small military research station hidden in the tundra of Marius Secundus. The five man squad is dropped by a shuttle that returns to

HotT Army of Horrors

Mage Knight as a game never really appealed to me but I managed to hoard a sizeable amount of figures, sometime through a few direct purchases -- the blind box format never really made sense to me -- and, more recently, through trade and sale on the secondary market. I've been repainting and rebasing these Mage Knight figures for use in Hordes of the Things and here's a new list I've come up with. You can click the pictures for bigger versions. The bulk of the army is made of warbands, featuring repainted MK Spine Suckers and Shadows. I enjoyed repainting these and I opted for a more "bird-like" look for the Spine suckers and a "wet" and slime-ish look for the Shadows. Two stands of each type will be fielded. Two stands of ethereal-looking minis -- MK Solonavi drones and channelers -- get wrangled up as 2 blade elements. These are mounted floating on the bases but aren't considered flyers. A hero element is represented by

1/72 HotT Dwarves

Here are some elements of my HotT Dwarf army I managed to paint inbetween drawing projects and painting my not-space marines. They're made from Caesar Miniatures' 1/72 Dwarves. Most of the elements will be blades, with 4 figures mounted to a stand.   The Caesar Dwarves are kind of a mixed bag. Some were obviously inspired by the Dwarves in the LOTR films and some by Games Workshop's Trollslayers. I personally prefer the LOTR look but they seem to be lightly armored with most not having helms of any kind.    I also made hero elements with three figures for each. If I'm playing the army as Tolkien-inspired, I plan on using huge bears as a behemoth element. The figures are from the Dungeons and Dragons line, repainted and based 2 to a stand. And here's a Goliath as a behemoth or hero element for a more generic fantasy -- or a D&D campaign setting -- milieu. The repainted figure's from the Dungeons and Dragons line too. I'm planning to add t

Nexus Marines: Starting a Not-Space Marine army

"They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way." Duke of Wellington Lined 'em all up Took a can of Tamiya Gunship Grey, waited for a sunny day and went spray-happy Lathered on black acrylic on the guns, belts and pouches. Let the suckers dry. Broke out deep black drawing ink and carefully applied a wash on each figure Used a light blue acrylic on the eyes with a 0 brush. Washed the eye areas with Winsor and Newton ultramarine blue. Had a tall glass of iced coffee and fed the cat. And inbetween the steps above, I managed to work on a HotT Dwarf army too... Detailing next...