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T-72 Platoon

Toy T-72 tanks

Tank Jam!

Tank jam! Featuring caricature tanks such as T-72s, T-55s, M1A1s, Leo 2s, JSU-152s and  Chinese Type 98s from the 4D Puzzle line.

More of the 4D Tank models

A series of fast-build tanks that scale better to 15mm rather than the onbox advertised 1:72. The M1 Abrams. Main gun is too short and the tank hull a bit too wide. Turret details are also missing or altogether wrong. More of the models available for less than a dollar each. A T-55, a JSU-152 and a Chinese Type 98 tank. All the models share just one chassis, as well as turret hatches and machineguns. These are more toys then accurate scale models. I'll probable build them though as hardware for my HO army men.

M1A1 Abrams

The Korean "4D Tank Model 1:72" Abrams. Two IMPORTANT things to keep in mind: 1. It is NOT 1/72 2. It is NOT scale model accurate. All the models share just one chassis, as well as turret hatches and machineguns 3. More a toy then an accurate scale model The product lineup poster with the World of Tanks ripoff logo. The models I could find. There's another set out there with mostly German WW2 armor.

ISU-122s with Warsaw Pact Troops

1:72 ESCI posted from Bloggeroid

Sci-Fi Armored Mech Task Force

A mix of scales and models -- diecasts and plastics making up a small armored mech force for Scvi Fi wargames. A platoon of M1 Abrams supported by Medium class "Weaponsman" assault mechs. LAVs with  "MAAGs" (Mech Anti-Aircraft Gun walkers)  An MBT with a pair of "Cassowary" MRL Heavy walkers Abrams with a "Cyclops" Super-Heavy mech AFV column with "Gunslinger" Heavy Mech escort "MAAGs" (Mech Anti-Aircraft Gun walkers) variants with Sgt Yorks. IFVs with "Grunt"Medium Direct Fire Assault mechs 

Carthaginian Allies: Spanish Scutarri

The Spanish contingent in early Punic War Carthaginian armies was quite small, but as the Spanish province grew so too did the numbers of Spanish troops in Carthaginian service, though their quality varied considerably. Nevertheless they were an important part of the armies of their masters. The Spanish infantry with the large oval shield are scutarii, heavy infantry named after their shield, who made up the bulk of the Spaniards. 1:72  figures from HäT Industrie set # 8019 Spanish Infantry

Carthaginian Allies: The Lusitani

The Lusitani are mentioned for the first time in Livy (218 BC) and are described as fighting for the Carthaginians; they are reported as fighting against Rome in 194 BC, sometimes allied with Celtiberian tribes. The Lusitani were first rate mountain fighters, adept at ambush, raid and skirmish. Rome continued to fight such Iberian tribes long after the defeat of Carthage.  1:72 figures from HäT Industrie #8058 Carthaginian Allies.

Punic Wars: The Army of Carthage

A work in progress. Zama, anyone? posted from Bloggeroid