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The Riders of Rohan

28mm Games Workshop plastic figures. Painted with acrylics and inks. posted from Bloggeroid

Imperial AT-ST and Troopers

The All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST), also known as the chicken walker for its two-legged design, was a bipedal walker used by the Galactic Republic during the late Clone Wars and, later and more extensively, the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. the AT-ST was a heavily armed light ground combat vehicle, and able to trek various environments. The stock model was equipped with a chin-mounted double medium blaster cannon, a concussion grenade launcher on the starboard side of its head, two feet with claws, a blaster cannon on the port side, and was encased with 9095-T8511 grade durasteel. Wookiepedia The AT-ST's are repurposed food promo toys ( if memory serves me right, it was KFC) and the troopers are a mix of 28mm Star Wars miniatures figurines. The small scout force is my current project and I've taken pictures of them on my table with some trees and crumpled paper terrain.