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This is not Hoth

What do you do when you have a large diorama with trees and buildings and terrain features lovingly modeled and set up right in front of you? Why, you break out the beer and send a lambda-class shuttle with a gaggle of the Empire's very capable stormtroopers to hold the area until Darth Vader arrives! With the penguin townsfolk still being prepped for attachment to the christmas village ( see previous entry) I mucked about with some Micro Machines Imperial Stormtroopers. Too bad i couldn't find the rebel troopers amidst the chaos that is my storeroom and I had to hurry before the wife noticed the guys in white armor taking shots at her mom's penguins. Will the rebels be able to take back the town? Let's see...

The Penguin Christmas Village

We decided to make a christmas village this year to go with the home decorations for this holiday season and the family turned to me to lead in making it. So, we took out our small collection of Christmas village buildings and proceeded to make a diorama that depicted the main avenue of the village, a frozen pond and a large tree display. Unfortunately, we only had a small number of figures until we realized that this would be the perfect time to use my mother-in-law's collection of penguin figurines. Thus was born our Penguin Christmas Village! Here are some WIP pictures. The pond will feature a snow globe centerpiece, park benches and cotton candy. The frozen pond was made from glitter glue gel and left to dry overnight. The houses are being wired for lights and small vignettes are being made to be scattered around. Here's the main avenue. I'm trying to figure out a way to l;ight the streetlamps. How would the carollers get about if they dont have street