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Bog Elemental

  WoW's bog elemental gets recruited in my People of the Woods army. A recent trip to a local toy convention yielded 3 of these going for around a dollar each. They'll be joining my wood spirits and elementals in my themed army soon.

Here be Dragons: Big Red

Here's another dragon I plan to use for 28mm gaming. It's made with a different rubber from the previous two dragons I featured and its card does not show any branding save for a stylized title " Dragon Fantasy" and just the place of manufacture -- "China." The rubber is softer and more jelly-like though not too bad that it wont stand on its legs. Its the biggest among the three and the longest. Detail is good and the painting seems better with some shading work evident. I labeled this dragon red because most of its neck, torso and legs have that dominant hue but the back has a long shiny black stripe that blends to the red which then blends to orange then yellow on the sides. The underside of the wings are in beige and some of the horn/claw details are in an off-white. Over-all, the model is a very nice  addition to my wargaming collection of behemoths. “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.

Here be Dragons: Dragon Hatchlings

Found these cute buggers in a blister of toys. They'll be perfect as objective markers. These toys came with a pack of dragon figures most of which seem to scale well with 1/72 figures. Two or three "medieval-looking" dragons also seem to scale well with 28mm figures. "Medieval-looking" because they remind me of the way dragons were drawn by medieval artists. Pictures of these soon. Meanwhile, here are the hatchlings! (pictures are clickable for bigger versions)

Here be Dragons: Large Green Dragon

Dragons in Earthsea are neither good nor evil by human standards, but always extremely dangerous. --Wikipedia entry for Earthsea (Click the pictures for a bigger version) This dragon is from Safari Ltd. Its size is 5.5" L x 4" H (14 x 10 cm) and is still available in toy stores that carry the Safari brand as well as at their web store here. The large green dragon is 6.5" L x 5.5" H (16.5 x 14 cm) in size. shown below is the dragon together with a 28mm LOTR Man of Gondor from Games Workshop. The sculpting here is very nice and sinuous with very prominent textures. The dragon has a frill on the top of its head instead of horns and the webbed look gives it a sinister, reptilian aspect. As compared to the smaller red dragon previously featured, the green one is better painted save for the eyes which "as-is" looks like a pair of beady lights. These could do with some repainting. The dragon's jaws are agape and parts of its reddish tongue