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New Plastic Just In!

I just received some new sets of 1/72 plastic orcs! These are labeled "Dark Alliance" and Orion. The sculpts are quite nice and more to my taste than the Caesar Miniature Orcs.  I'll be posting pix here soon. I've set aside the Warmaster army I'm working on to try making one for HotT. Here are some lists I found on the net for making a generic but still "Tolkien" in spirit Orc/goblin army: From Luke Ueda Sarson: 1 x Warband or Blades, 1 x Warband, 2 x Riders, 2 x Lurkers or 1 x Beasts, 1 x Behemoth or 2 x Beasts, 10 x Hordes From Dave Kuijt's Middle Earth DBA lists: 1x3Bd or 3/4Wb(Gen), 2x5Wb, 3x5Wb or 2Wa, 1x5Wb or 4Tr or 3Bw or 2Ps, 5x2Ps And 3 more from Dave Kuijt's post at Fanaticus: Uruk Raiding Party 1x Hero (Lurtz), 3x Wargs (Beasts, or Riders if you must), 1x Shooter, 1x Troll (or 2x Spear), 2x Blades Uruk Invasion of Rohan: 1x Hero (Lurtz) or Magician (Saruman), 2x Wargs (Beasts), 4x Spear, 1x Shooter, 3x Blades Uruk Invasio