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1/72 HotT Dwarves

Here are some elements of my HotT Dwarf army I managed to paint inbetween drawing projects and painting my not-space marines. They're made from Caesar Miniatures' 1/72 Dwarves. Most of the elements will be blades, with 4 figures mounted to a stand.   The Caesar Dwarves are kind of a mixed bag. Some were obviously inspired by the Dwarves in the LOTR films and some by Games Workshop's Trollslayers. I personally prefer the LOTR look but they seem to be lightly armored with most not having helms of any kind.    I also made hero elements with three figures for each. If I'm playing the army as Tolkien-inspired, I plan on using huge bears as a behemoth element. The figures are from the Dungeons and Dragons line, repainted and based 2 to a stand. And here's a Goliath as a behemoth or hero element for a more generic fantasy -- or a D&D campaign setting -- milieu. The repainted figure's from the Dungeons and Dragons line too. I'm planning to add t

Nexus Marines: Starting a Not-Space Marine army

"They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way." Duke of Wellington Lined 'em all up Took a can of Tamiya Gunship Grey, waited for a sunny day and went spray-happy Lathered on black acrylic on the guns, belts and pouches. Let the suckers dry. Broke out deep black drawing ink and carefully applied a wash on each figure Used a light blue acrylic on the eyes with a 0 brush. Washed the eye areas with Winsor and Newton ultramarine blue. Had a tall glass of iced coffee and fed the cat. And inbetween the steps above, I managed to work on a HotT Dwarf army too... Detailing next...