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Death from Above

Micromachines P-51 Mustang posted from Bloggeroid

A Tiger in Wait

Made use of the empty wargame table and played around with some models. posted from Bloggeroid


I haven't had much time for gaming and modelmakig this month but did find time to tidy up my collection. Here are a few 1/144 models as well as a 1/72 bike. posted from Bloggeroid

Dark Sun RPG

Way back in college and before I started miniature wargaming, I joined a small group of like-minded fellows and went adventuring in yhe worlds of Dungeons and Dragons, first in Greyhawk, the Forgotten Realms and Athas, the world of the Dark Sun. I bought the Dark Sun set and really liked the campaign setting, even setting up as a dungeon master a few times with my illustrations and game aids. Here's the first edition boxed set with an expansion book. Those were fun games indeed :) posted from Bloggeroid

Still More Desert Rats!

Matchbox 1:32 posted from Bloggeroid

More Desert Rats

Matchbox 1:32 British 8th Army posted from Bloggeroid

Matchbox British 8th Army

Desert Rats; Matchbox 1:32 British 8th Army posted from Bloggeroid

Tiger's Prey

Somewhere, a company of Shermans cross open desert, unaware of the big cat that lies in ambush. Not a wargame though. Just mucking about the game table with toys. Plastic toy Shermans and a Tiger in roughly 1/72 all from plastic toy soldier bags and made in China. posted from Bloggeroid