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Storm Giant's Fury

Storm giant from WOTC Dungeons.and Dragons Miniatures. 1:72 Saxons from Emhar posted from Bloggeroid

Mythic Clash

Greek heroes engage a pair of monstrous bears! Werebears from Wizkids' Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. Greeks from Zvezda. posted from Bloggeroid

The Abandoned Facility

The start of a terrain project for my sci-fi skirmish campaign. There are currently 3 structures ready for painting -- a refinery section, a control tower and a barracks structure. The idea is to ise the building models when the action is above ground then switch to "interiors" maps much like th fantasy dungeon tiles I did earlier. posted from Bloggeroid

Down into the Dark

For almost a year already, the mountain town of High Skoro has been plagued by a sudden increase in orc raids. Villages have been plundered, trade caravans pursued and captured, travellers savagely attacked and killed. Local militia has verified that an orc tribe has settled the dungeons beneath the ruins of an old temple. Squads of militiamen have been sent to stop the orcs but all have disappeared. In desperation, the town council have hired a party of adventurers – men and women of more martial skills than their militia – to venture beneath the temple ruins and stop the orcs from mounting more attacks.  Fram Flamhammer has been a veteran of many battles and the battle-scarred dwarf, together with his loud and boisterous friend and right-hand man Hannu the northerner have been lending their arms in exchange for coin for many a year already. Their band includes the stoic and dour elf ranger Adaun Silentdraw and his young charge, the reticent Brehana the half-elf magic-