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More of the 4D Puzzle Tanks

4D Puzzle 1:111 M1 Abrams 4D Puzzle 1:84 PzKpfw lV 4D Puzzle 1:90 Tiger l More of puzzle toys, these kits build up into neat little tanks in weird scales. Weird construction build though, not the standard scale model part style.

Jungle Assault!

1:72 figures and diecast vehicles.

Up The Hill, Boys!

  American G.I.'s fight uphill, trying to dislodge the entrenched Japanese. 1:72 figures and diecast vehicles.

The Lost City

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Quick and Dirty Game Table

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1:100 Tanks for WW2 Gaming

A set of small scale armor in slightly varying scales (1:84, 1:100, etc.) that I plan to adapt for armored skirmishes. Assembly is quite tricky since these were designed more as 4D puzzles rather than straightforward scale model kits. Each box contains an M1 Abrams (the only modern tank), a Tiger 1, a SU-100, a Panzer IV, and two marks of the Sturmgeschutz. Tricky but clever puzzles. Might pickup some more of these. posted from Bloggeroid