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Raising my own Horde

Recently found boxes of old Warhammer fantasy figures and figured they could be made into a HOTT army. Making the army and painting the figures will be a welcome break after a very hectic month of work. Mosty would need a bit of repainting but nothing straight from scratch. Going will be slow though since I haven't started filming at work yet. The past month has been a whirlwind of concept designs, storyboards, animatics and campaign pitches. I'm making it a point though to devote at least an hour a night to making a matched pair of armies together with a tank I'm building at the same time. My Middle Earth Orcs are on hold since they're already in the painting stage and my very much reduced free time wont leave much for painting them en masse. I do hope to finish them soon together with the other stuff that's been put on stasis.