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From Wow to Ad&D

Slitherblade Tidehunter is another figure from the World of Warcraft miniatures game. The figure consists of a naga-like creasture preparing to strike with a trident. The sculpting is crisp and the details good enough but the spear/trident thingie is all bent and wobbly. Maybe I'll clip it off and attach a kris or some similarly exotic Asian-looking sword. Detail is quite good, this being a hefty miniature but the scales on the mini's skin surface seem a bit too juvenile in design. It's just basically a cross hatch job. It would have looked better if the sculptor payed more attention to the shape and arrangement of the scales rather than the quick cross hatch. The paint job seems decent enough with the majority of the body block-painted with no highlighting and blending -- just as expected from a CMG figure. But unlike the previous CMGs from games like Mageknight, this figure seems to have been carefully painted -- no splotches nor stray brushwor

The Tauren

I picked up another assortment of loose World of Warcraft miniatures for use in our AD&D Battlesystem game. These could be the nucleus of either a Tauren or beastman army. Since I got these secondhand at the 4th TAGCOM ( a Philippine toy and hobby convention), each figure came at around $1 each. I only went thru the monster figures and passed over the elves, dwarves and humans since they towered over most of my 28mm figures. Click the pictures below for bigger views. The figures are well sculpted in terms of detail and the painting is way above the style I've seen commonly used in prepainted minis -- yes, I'm referring to the barely tolerable paintjobs on Mageknight, Starwars ( have you seen the Han Solo in Stormtrooper armor? UGLY!) Heroclix and D&D minis. And what is it with huge weapons and shields?  The guy's already a freakin' minotaur with huge muscles and horns! And he needs a boss-heavy shield?!!! Not in my fantasy world he won't. I&