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Migrating to Facebook

After a tragedy in the family and a slow return to my hobbies, I've realized that I've been posting more on Facebook. It's easier, faster and the audience response is faster. So, posting here might be spasmodic at best for the time being. Bear with me as I decide what to do with my blogs, thanks!

Usborne Medieval Town Buildings WIP

House and storehouse from the Usborne Make This Medieval Town cut and paste book

Force on Force

Preparing some 1:72 figures for a trial run of Osprey Publishing's Force on Force miniature wargaming rules for modern skirmishes. posted from Bloggeroid

AMP Suits

AMP Suits from the film Avatar. posted from Bloggeroid

Rat Pack!

I recently picked up a second-hand lot of skaven and started work on the core unita. I'll be making some as warbands first for Song of Blades and Heroes since I don't play Warhammer.

More of the 4D Puzzle Tanks

4D Puzzle 1:111 M1 Abrams 4D Puzzle 1:84 PzKpfw lV 4D Puzzle 1:90 Tiger l More of puzzle toys, these kits build up into neat little tanks in weird scales. Weird construction build though, not the standard scale model part style.

Jungle Assault!

1:72 figures and diecast vehicles.

Up The Hill, Boys!

  American G.I.'s fight uphill, trying to dislodge the entrenched Japanese. 1:72 figures and diecast vehicles.

The Lost City

posted from Bloggeroid