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WIP 1:72 Uruk-hai Pikemen

Painting up the Fighting Uruk-hai armed with pikes and fighting in phalanx formation. 1:72 Dark Alliance half-orcs.

Battle Report: Blood on the Grass; First Mighty Armies Game

"At least, the sun will be on our backs," muttered Brogda the Red as he clutched at the rails of his chariot while Cumal his charioteer  manouvered to the front of the Keltoi battle line. "May the Morrigan feast well today, and not on my innards!" For weeks, Keltoi scouts have followed the advance of an orcish host from the deep south. Now, the green horde of monsters have reached the outermost village of the Keltoi Irinae tribe. With only a vast grassy field separating the monsters from the village, Brogda and the Keltoi weaponsmen he could muster plan to meet the invaders at the village edge and hold them until reinforcing  Irinae from other villages arrive. The women and children have left the village together with half the scouts two days past and reinforcements should be arriving this morning. "They better be bringing their chariots and horsemen," Cumal said to the brooding Brogda. " The orcs have wolves...  and trolls." "Balor

1:72 Celtic Army

A 1:72 Celtic Aemy with figures from Airfix, Revell, etc.

Grasslands Battle Boards

I finished painting these19"x 26" battle boards and tested them out with my 1:72 Celtic army. Layed out together, the painted surface covers 38" x 26" - good enough for games such as Mighty Armies or A Song of Blades and Heroes.