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December rush

December ushered in a whirlwind of work and I haven't been able to game nor paint for a week. Arcane Legions made an appearance at my local gaming shop and I'm considering picking up some army packs first. Personally, I'm not planning on trying out the rules. Warmaster and Battlesystem seems to suit our needs quite well already and most of our minis are being based using these rules. On the other hand, I may buy these figures to bulk up my 1/72 plastics, especially with the magical/mythical troops. I've gone thru the Arcane Legions website and would like to get my hands on these models, especially the centaurs, guardian lions and bear cataphracts. Most of the cavalry and infantry though look uninspired and with only 1 pose per figure type, it gives more of a boardgame feel rather than a miniature wargame.

Metals ready for painting

I've set aside the plastics for a while and have resumed work on the metal mageknight figures for my woodland themed army, save for the golems. These guys will be recruited to another themed fantasy army, this time for a steam-powered Atlantis. The figures have been cleaned and assembled and are now ready for priming and painting. The Firbolg and the Tree Men The Iron Golems