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20mm Centaurs WIP

My centaurs are almost done! Slapped on some base painting and some wash/shading yesterday. More detailing and retouching needed, hopefully all done by tonight. The figures are from Well's Expeditions' defunct Arcane Legions game. Scale at 1:72, the game featured 20mm fantasy figures inspired by Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Asian myths and history. I think it was the collectible miniatures aspect/format that eventually caused the game's demise. Among the figure packs I bought ( army boxes as well as faction boosters) were centaurs which I immediately drafted for Hordes of the Things. The sculpts range from mediocre to bad though, with very little attention given to musculature and facial detail. Heck, the spear centaur loks like a helmeted gorilla! The figs came in big boxes full of other stuff meant for the game. IMHO, they should have just released the rules as a book with the faction specific unit rules as paper/card accessories and the miniatures much like

Must. Stick. To. Plan.

Started painting my centaurs today. I know I can finish them tonight. Must stick to the plan. LEZDOODEEZ! posted from Bloggeroid

1st Quarter Plans

It is almost mid-February and I haven't had the chance to game nor make models. I've finished fixing my bodega where I store most of the unbuilt models as well as most of my undisplayed toy collection which includes toy soldiers, action figures, diecast cars, etc. I have a few more plastic crates in the garage that I'll have to sort through and find space for, maybe this weekend. My workbench has been tidied up and the equipment properly categorized and stashed. Yes, I organize my paint bottles by brand and by letter. As well as the brushes. Yes, I find that strangely comforting. So, in an effort to refocus my attention to the hobby and hopefully get more things done, I'm writing down a list of wargame and scale modelling projects I'm hoping to finish by April. No grand, sweeping plans here. Just small, short-term goals. I usually fall into the trap of starting out with really over-the-top plans and then run out of steam midway. The inevitable resul