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More Wow

I'm still knee deep in work, both inside and outside the office. I've also taken up a side career selling oil and acrylic paintings made by various Filipino artists. All these have left me virtually no time for miniature wargaming. My gaming table is currently loaded with a miscellany of stuff I have to sort and place in storage, mainly household stuff my wife and I want to keep. Summer in Manila is quite hot with some days being 36 degrees in the shade. Earlier this month, I moved my hobby workbench to the garage, the more to maximize the summer breeze but I havent finished sorting the paint bottles, equipment, hobby stuff and other ephemera. Maybe mid May will see me picking up the dice again. In the meantime, here're a couple of more World of warcraft minis I picked up for less than a dollar each.  I'm not sure what creatures they are but the 3rd from the left looks like a water elemental.