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More Wow

More Wow

I'm still knee deep in work, both inside and outside the office. I've also taken up a side career selling oil and acrylic paintings made by various Filipino artists. All these have left me virtually no time for miniature wargaming. My gaming table is currently loaded with a miscellany of stuff I have to sort and place in storage, mainly household stuff my wife and I want to keep. Summer in Manila is quite hot with some days being 36 degrees in the shade. Earlier this month, I moved my hobby workbench to the garage, the more to maximize the summer breeze but I havent finished sorting the paint bottles, equipment, hobby stuff and other ephemera. Maybe mid May will see me picking up the dice again.

In the meantime, here're a couple of more World of warcraft minis I picked up for less than a dollar each.  I'm not sure what creatures they are but the 3rd from the left looks like a water elemental.


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1/72 Numidians

I've been nursing a bum foot since Sunday and worked on these during the afternoons. While casually surfing for horse references, I discovered a new, exciting and tremendously complex thing -- Equine Color!  Ever since I was given a book written by Sheperd Paine with a chapter on horses, I was intrigued. Only when I attempted to do research on the Numidian horsemen & their mounts did I realize how complex horse color is. Presented here are a few work-in-progress pictures. I still have a lot of touchups to do as well as texturing the bases and flocking until I can call this done. But for idly playing with them while making moronic hoofbeat sounds, they pretty much suffice. I'm pretty happy about the way the greys and the bays turned out but I'm still at a loss how to do really red chestnuts. Among the pictures, you'll find a sample of a really badly-done attempt at a chestnut with a really red coat & mane.  I may post an article here soon about the information

WIP 1:72 Uruk-hai Pikemen

Painting up the Fighting Uruk-hai armed with pikes and fighting in phalanx formation. 1:72 Dark Alliance half-orcs.

Grasslands Battle Boards

I finished painting these19"x 26" battle boards and tested them out with my 1:72 Celtic army. Layed out together, the painted surface covers 38" x 26" - good enough for games such as Mighty Armies or A Song of Blades and Heroes.