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Happy New Year!

A Leibster Blog Award for Christmas:)

An early Christmas gift from Nick Grant of 20mm Gamer ! Many thanks! Nick's awarded Men in Boxes a Liebster Blog Award and the rules of the award needs me to nominate 5 other blogs too and let the blog owners know by leaving a comment. They then have to "pay it forward" and award their own 5 each too. What a wonderful way to promote our hobby blogs! Choosing only 5 from the many blogs I read is tough, but here goes (in no particular order): 1/72 Multiverse : A 1/72 centric review of what's out there MiniatureZone : Found this in 2000 and is still a favorite Plastic Warriors : scale modelling and wargaming in braille scale Paul's Bods : Leveled up playing around with 20mm plastic men Tim's Miniature Wargaming : Fun read everytime Cheers everyone and game on!

Nexus Steel Heroes 2

The box and artwork have a very 80's feel. The box illustration is highly evocative of the way Battletech axrylic illustrations were made then, with broad strokes and minimal suggestion of detail. As you can see on the box, at least three companies seem to have owned or own the line: Atlantic, Nexus and now Italeri. i also know that EM4 carries these figures. The painting above shows the mech scale seemingly different from the stated scale of 1/500 though as far as i can tell though. I'm basing my thoughts on the figures seen near the foreground, assuming these are 6 foot men. But that's the nice thing about sci-fi and fantasy! You can tell the rivet counters to chill:) Inside, you get a packet of 6 hex slotta bases, a sprue of robots and another sprue of weapons. You get two large humanoid models of the same type, a smaller pair of humanoid mechs and one "chicken" walker type. Plastic's sturdy and crisp. Reminds me of the old warhammer pla

Nexus Steel Heroes

I just got a new set of boxes of the Nexus Steel Heroes 1/500 mechs. Nexus Editrice was an Italian company that acquired the Atlantic brand from which these models were made before. In turn, nexus was bought and became a subsidiary of Italeri. Each box comes withn 5 mechs, 2 of a large bidel mech, 2 of a medium sized bipedal mach and one large "chicken" walker. Weapons/arms are interchangeable and customizable.  More on these soon:)

And more trees...

Just some pics of the trees in action with models of various scales (1/72, 1:144, 25mm posted from Bloggeroid

More trees

Just more samples showing the mix of grass colors I used. posted from Bloggeroid