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HOTT Dragonmen

Here's a WIP army for Hordes of the Things -- Dragonmen! The dragonmen are led by a dragon magician. This is the Silver Sorcerer from Dungeons and Dragons. Three stands of mixed lizardmen and troglodytes. The large klizardman is from Mageknight while the remaining ones are from Dungeons and Dragons. I like the lizardman. He resembles a T-Rex imho. And here are the dragonmen from Mageknight. I could only fit one figure per base but may play these as blades or maybe one as a hero. This lone stand will be a beast or lurker. Both are from Dungeons and Dragons. These large nasties are from Dinofroz. Behemoths probably. I'm not too keen on too many beasts. Most of the figures are repurposed Mageknight and Dungeons and Dragons figures with a smattering of toys from the Dinofroz line. I didn't bother to remove the original paint and just painted over the existing colors with base paint. I still need to do a lot of clean-up thou

Miao Dao Heavy Tank for Sci-Fi

The transforming capabilities of the toy was disregarded and the pieces were superglued together. Cleaning of mold lines and sanding followed. I wanted this to be a fast project with very minimal effort. I began with three models and had them ready for spraying in an hour. The plastic was a bit brittle and care had to be taken in sanding.The models were primed matt black then a camo pattern was applied using a red brown color on stencils.  IMHO, not bad at all for ten cent pieces. So far, so good. Weathering and decals next!

Plastic Sci Fi Tank

I was in Chinatown on business the other week and dropped by the infamous Divisoria mall, a sprawling, stinky hive of a market in downtown Manila. With the Christmas season in full swing already here, the place was filled to the brim with people selling their wares, people haggling and buying, people picking someone else's pockets etc. The place is also filled with toy shops with wares coming in fromm China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among these toys are lots and lots of knock-offs selling at 1/10th of the originals. I soon found myself in the dirtier, more cramped and more chaotic basement where stores peddled party wares filled to the brim with cheap plastic toys. Toys here are packed twenty to a banig ( mat) ranging from a dollar to round two dollars for twenty pieces. among these, I found some I maybe able to use for gaming. Here's a transformable robot taht turns into a tank. It seems suitable for 15mm but since I dont game in that scale, they'll be drafted in my 20mm sc

SoBH Riders of Rohan Warband

Here's a warband featuring 6 figures from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings line. The warband has 3 horse archers, 2 lancers and a leader. I had to adjust some of the quality ratings to be able to field 6 figures. This will is part of a matched pair of warbands with the previously poster warg riders. And here's their roster.

SoBH Warg Rider Warband

With help from the Ganesha Games forum, I've revised my SoBH warg Rdier warband for this weekend's game. The warband is composed of 6 warg mounted models from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings line with 2 archers, 3 riders with melee weapons and a leader personality. Click on the pics for bigger versions. And here's the warband roster made with the official army builder.

Warg Riders for SoBH Part 2

While waiting for the paint to dry on the Rohirrim, I took out the warg riders and snapped some pictures.

Warg Riders for SoBH

Here's my first warband for the upcoming Song of Blades and Heroes game. The author of the rules helped me out with statting these babies up and there's a nifty little warband builder by Raymond Forsythe that seems to be updated often with new data. You can find the link here .

Surprise find: Mechs!

My housekeeper was cleaning my hobby storeroom yesterday and accidentally spilled the contents of a plastic container. She gathered up the bits that had fallen out and showed them to me as she was worried that she may have lost some parts of what seemed like a bunch of unassembled models. I was pleasantly surprised at her find -- plastic mechs I had purchased sometime in the 80's! I h ad assembled these for some battletech games with my cousin but had forgotten about them when my wife and I moved houses. Some of the units had broken parts but I managed to salvage three complete models. The others could be repaired with some putty and wire -- if I could find some of the left legs:) We picked these up during a trip to Manila's Chinatown and they came in sprues packed in a transparent tube with four models a tube. Along with these, we also got some Not-Macross Valkyries, Battloids, Gerwalks, Warhammers and Archers in brightly colored plastic. I remember using th

WIP: 2nd Age LOTR Elves

Prepping up some elves from Games Workshop. Nice models but with only two poses.