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Pathfinder: The First Adventure

I recently joined an RPG campaign using the Pathfinder d20 rules. Set in the world of Gebranka, a group of adventurers find themselves looking for a lost God in the midst of war. Along the way, they meet a young wizard who turns out to be more than she seems to be. And a sheep. Plus some people lost their underwear. More soon :)

Aquilonia Marches!

The Bossonian archers form the van and is followed by the knights of Aquilonia and Poitain. The black banner of the king can be seen in the middle, albeit minus the Golden Lion of Conan. A mistake that Publius and the General of the Black Dragons is working to correct. ( I still have no idea if I will paint the heraldry or rely on decals...) Soon, the Gundermen will be joining Conan's host. 'Ware, Nemedia! The Lion of Aquilonia is rising! posted from Bloggeroid

The Fighting Men of Republican Rome

1:72 Polybian Romans for DBx. Figures from Hat Industrie. posted from Bloggeroid

Late Imperial Romans

1:72 figures from Hat Industrie and Miniart primed and based. posted from Bloggeroid

Web Golem

Controlled by a powerful Drow. For A Song of Blades and Heroes game. posted from Bloggeroid

Orcs! More Orcs!

An unpainted batch of GW Moria Orcs posted from Bloggeroid

Deeper into the Dungeon

New tiles and.layout for tthe next SoBH game -- thus time with spiders! posted from Bloggeroid

Dwarf Wizard and Stone Golems

28mm posted from Bloggeroid