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The 54mm project

It was that time of the year when one gets to the point that he really, really has to get stuff arranged. The Southeast asian summer had already come and gone but my hobby room is still uber messy with little space left to engage in model making. Last week, I hunkered down and began the long and tedious task of arranging everything. Lo and behold, an old, large box yielded packs of 54mm plastic toy soldiers. I sp[ent the next few hours sorting them out and decided to try and make some HOTT armies out of them. Here are a few of the figures I found. Hopefully, they'll be repainted and rebased as HOTT armies before the year is out. And hopefully, the hobby room gets cleaned up too. These pictures were also earlier posted at my toy collection blog . You can find notes about them there.

By Crom! A Review of the 2011 Conan the Barbarian film

Marcus Nispel’s Conan The Barbarian opened in Philippine cinemas last week and I caught it on its second day.  The film stars Jason Momoa as the titular barbarian with Stephen Lang as the warlord Khalar Zym. As a youth, Conan becomes the sole survivor of a vicious attack by Khalar Zym’s forces on his Cimmerian village. Zym seeks to reassemble an ancient mask of evil power to resurrect his dead witch-wife and gain otherworldly powers with the help of his witch-daughter, Marique played by Rose Mcgowan. Conan joins forces with Tamara played by Rachel Nicols whom Zym seeks as the only possible bodily host for his dead wife’s soul. Jason Momoa makes for a great looking Conan, even better suited to the role than old Arnold Schwarzenegger. He does look like someone Frank Frazetta would paint. There’s just itsy-bitsy, teenie-tiny little problem. By Crom! This is NOT Conan the Barbarian. The story itself disregards any source material written by Robert E. Howard, or even the pastiches