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Riders of Rohan: Horses Primed

After assembling the horses, I primed them all with a primer grey. Then I divided them into 3 groups. One set was spray painted with red brown. These would be painted as duns, light bays, chestnuts and maybe some piebalds.   Another set was spray-painted black. These would be painted as blacks and dark bays. Finally, the last set was spray painted with a lighter grey. They'll be painted as greys and a few roans. As an illustrator for my day job, I managed to amass quite a bit of horse reference material and painting model horses accurately has become quite an obsession with me. Here are some older model horses I've painted. I hope my Rohan horses end up much better. Here's the wiki entry on Equine Color.

Riders of Rohan WIP

I managed to find time last weekend to start work on the Riders of Rohan from Games Workshop. My wife gave me a few boxes of these together with more orcs. I hope to use these with Ad&D's Battlesystem 2nd Edition.    First off -- these figures are beautiful! The level of detail, the posing and the practicality of the parts are simply beautiful. The figures were designed and sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry who did an awesome job with GW's LOTR line. If you haven't yet, do yourself a favor and check out their fantastic line of historical miniatures. Their crusades line has been tempting me for the longest time. Head on out to Perry Miniatures here.  Check out these poses. My only criticism with this line is that there are only 2 poses for the horses. The horse poses are indeed very dynamic and all but why only two? Plus, both attach to the stand using only 1 peg. I'm foreseeing a lot of bent and broken horse legs in the future:(  I've star

The Shape of Things To Come

For AD&D Battlesystem 2nd Edition. Forth, Eorlingas!

Not-Clone Troopers WIP

Some old VOID Prosthene Marines in a paint scheme inspired by Star Wars Clone Troopers, specifically the Utapau Clone Trooper. The troopers base painted in basic stormtrooper white. The first off the line, here's Sarge... And these are the bunch of apes he's leading... Better & more  pictures soon...

Testing screen layout

I'm testing out a new layout with a screen width of 1366px. According to surveys, this is the 2nd most popular screen resolution in the U.S. They say optimize for 1024px x 768px but I wanted to try something wider. What do you think?

A Fast Project: Armored Troopers Paint Schemes

Here are some paint schemes I'm considering. I was searching for armored futuristic types to paint some old VOID Prosthene Marines and was delightfully surprised with the variety of Star Wars clone trooper armor schemes out there. And to think Darth Vader's mooks wore just plain white... Here's a quick mockup I made form one of the pictures. Basic white? With red trim or blue? I'm still undecided what to use. We'll see...

A Fast Project: Some Troopers

I found another set of old figures from the defunct VOID line -- Prosthene Marines-- while rummaging in my bodega and I thought I'd try a fast paint project. I primed the lot grey and lightly sprayed a white layer. I didn't bother to trim and sand the models before but the lighter color shows all the surface defects so I guess I'll be spending some time cleaning those up. Next problem is what color to paint them in...