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A Happy Easter to all!

Happy Easter to all! Isang mapayapang pasko ng paglaya sa lahat!  

Repurposed Alien Monsters for FUBAR

Here's a gaggle of tentacled alien monsters for use in our FUBAR games. The Zerg-like figures are from Wizkid's Heroclix line and they've been primed and rebased. The bases are cheap plastic poker chips around an inch plus in diameter. I haven't decided on a color scheme for these critters but might go with blue and yellow. Too many of my sci figs are already black and red.

Space Romans for FUBAR

Here are a few pictures of my Nova Romano troopers -- yup, Space Romans! These are old Void figures I managed to scrounge up. They'll be used in an upcoming game of FUBAR at my house opposite the other squads we've come up for the game. A Squad of Legionnaires The shield patterns were printed on stickers and stuck on the shields  Here are the Praetorians. They were painted earlier and received a semi gloss coat of varnish. Moving thru the buildings More soon!