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Scorpion Gunship

Small scale scifi gunship from the movie Avatar. Made in China. Looks usable for 15mm or 20mm gaming. Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.10

My Militaria Pinterest Folder

If you have Pinterest, you can have a look at my Militaria folder. Pinterest might be useful in collating online info/reference pictures online. I'll be trying it out for a while. Currently, I'm collecting info on the Bengal Lancer regiments. Feel free to repin, like, follow etc. My Pinterest Militaria board

Seljuk Turks

WIP posted from Bloggeroid

Late Imperial Romans

WIP posted from Bloggeroid

M1 Abrams

1:90 (near HO) scale model from 4D Master. The model is a restored puzzle toy. posted from Bloggeroid

Late Roman Heavy Infantry

Hat Industries' set featuring the Roman heavy infantrymen of the Fourth century in 1:72. posted from Bloggeroid

Greek Light Infantry

Peltasts, archers and Thracians from the Zvezda Greek Infantry set in 1:72. posted from Bloggeroid

Space Rangers

28mm Warhammer 40K-esque Space Rangers from Nexus. These came in boxes of 5 troopers including a sergeant/NCO/leader and a choice of standard weapons and heavy weapons (a flamer, a plasma cannon and a heavy bolter/blaster)  so that a standard squad, heavy weapons squad or mixed squad can be formed.  More on these boys at my wargaming blog: Unboxing A Not-Space Marines army WIP Quick Battle More soon! posted from Bloggeroid

Space Marines

Games Workshop Space Marines in 28mm. In the fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000 created by Games Workshop, Space Marines are genetically modified superhuman soldiers, the elite warriors of the Imperium of Man. These have been block paintedin green, in anticipation of a Dark Angels chapter. I'm not holding my breath though. posted from Bloggeroid

Dimestore Field Artillery

Here are a few artillery pieces in HO with some figures. The guns are pretty rudimentary and are crew by a single gunner. These came with some china-made AFVs. The standing soldier came from a micro machines set. posted from Bloggeroid

French Foreign Legion

I was lucky enough to find a box of the ESCI French Foreign Legion in 1:72. The box was old, creased and a bit yellowed but the box art isn't faded. A plus for me since I dig good box illustrations :) These figures have been elusive for me since I had refrained from buying them when I was a kid since they didn't fit in the WW2 genre that was - in my mind - more popular. That is, until I got interested in 19th century adventure stories, especially with the aura of mystique that shrouded the French Foreign Legion. Beau geste, anyone? I was hooked! Sadly though, this set had vanished from local stores until recently when a collector decided to unload his set. More on these fellows soon! posted from Bloggeroid

Forest Blood Hunt

Somewhere deep in the forest, a band of Celts stalk a group of Iberians and Carthaginians. Soon, the forest will fill with warcries and the clash of swords, spears and shields! 1:72 figures from HäT Industrie. posted from Bloggeroid