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Repurposing Arcane Legions' Roman Cavalry

"Roman cavalry" from Wells Expedition's Arcane Legions game. IMHO, really ugly figures with badly researched and sculpted pieces. The company folded up after releasing the game and with figures like these, I am not surprised. A total waste of plastic if you ask me -- and you should see the monster sprues (poor engineering and moldmaking) and giant box ( too much "collectible" fluff and not enough love for miniatures) that these came in. Another example of too much fluff and not enough product. And collectible? My two cents worth, collectible miniatures games ruined miniature wargaming. It's just that I collect 1:72 figures and I did see some figures with potential in this line. But only just. I'll see what I can do with these and in the meantime, I'm setting these aside for repainting and rebasing.


  1. yeah, ugly figures really. Just don't want to put them to waste so I'll still try to use them for 20mm HotT

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the "normal" AL unpainted figures, but the gonzo stuff, like the centaurs, mummies, and the bear cavalry you mention in another post, are pretty neat; plus most of the booster figures are pretty cool. I probably wouldn't have bought into the game when it was new, but now that Miniature Market is liquidating it, it's worth any 1/72 - 20mm fantasy fan's while to acquire.

    1. I agree, now that its on liquidation, might as well pick em up. Fantasy is rare for 20mm and this could be quite useful


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